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Today, we’re running a free giveaway, partnering with the folks of Ricefield Collective, a sweet enterprise that provides a fulfilling means for Philippine indigenous people to stay on their ancestral land, the gorgeous Banaue Rice Terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This collective of Philippine women make hand-knit goods in order to supplement their income, which enables them to stay on their land and avoid moving to the city to find higher wages.

Click ahead to read how to enter the giveaway to win a pair of hand-knit Winnower’s Mittens, straight from the women of the Banaue Rice Terraces, and more background on this unique enterprise.

More About Ricefield Collective

The mission background of Ricefield Collective is worth reading to understand the creative solution these folks have crafted in order to support the Ifugao women so they can retain their livelihoods:

Ricefield Collective has grown to be a global social enterprise that operates out of Ithaca, New York and Ifugao, Philippines. We employ our knitters directly, making sure that the women of Ifugao can earn a sustainable wage while doing enjoyable work. As a social business, our knitters are full members of our company, and we make sure that both society and the environment benefit from our work. All of our products are hand-knit and individually crafted with care. We use high quality, biodegradable fibers, and we have a star team of designers to help us create innovative patterns that cannot be reproduced by machines.

Ifugao - Banaue Rice Terraces

The gorgeous Banaue Rice Terraces, ancestral land of the Ricefield knitters

The group exceeded their original Kickstarter funding goal by 300% — here is their video that describes more of their work:

Enter The Giveaway Now

I have a pair of lovely Winnower’s Mittens in hand from the folks at Ricefield Collective. If you would like a chance at winning this hand-knit item, all you need to do is a leave a comment below. Include your name and a brief reason why you are excited about participating. You can also use the contact form to submit your name for the giveaway, or visit The Year of Mud facebook page and leave a comment on the appropriate post.

On December 24th, I’ll pull one name out of a hat, and the mittens will be mailed to the lucky individual. Thanks for participating!

Winnowers Mittens

Enter now to win this pair of hand-knit Winnowers Mittens!

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